Designer Jewelry

Silver jewelry also unfolds its very own elegance on various occasions. The teardrop earrings by Ben-Amun are a real styling all-rounder. Antique silver and radiant crystal complement each other to form an exclusive piece of jewelry. The silver jewelry can be perfectly complemented to jeans and sweaters as well as to a small black or glamorous cocktail dress.

Noble jewelry can also become the highlight of the outfit and with a skillful twist provide for a big effect. The sparkling crystal earrings from Dolce & Gabbana, for example, are an eye-catcher for relaxed casual outfits and immediately lend incredible femininity and delicacy. An expressive necklace also achieves the same effect. The jewelry designers at Dolce & Gabbana also use the Dolce Vita Feeling in their accessories this season. Red crystal stones, metal ornaments and blossom elements make this women's jewelry an eye-catcher with diva charm. A necklace by Roberto Cavalli also sets real highlights. In the shape of a snake, it nestles around the neck of its wearer and radiates luxurious glamour with opulent crystal stones. Even simple tops are effortlessly enhanced with the designer jewelry. But above all, the necklace is best worn with elegant evening gowns.


In addition to the beloved daily companions, also offers unusual jewelry with its expressive aura and unusual design for the guaranteed statement looks. Tougher leather jewelry with studded trimmings creates visual accents as well as intense colors or stand-out jewelry. The clip earrings by Roberto Cavalli look a little exotic. In the shape of a tiger, they nestle around the ear. Small crystals enhance the silver jewelry. This accessory is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher for both edgy everyday looks and evening dresses. The strength and elegance of the tiger is also the focus of the traditional Gucci house. 

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